My name is Andrey and I am the creator of this site. I hope that you like it. To express opinion about him and associate with me you will be able, by knocking in ICQ, and writing on E-mail
Sylvester Stallone is my favourite actor. I created this site from sense of gratitude to Sylvester Stallone for his films. I love all of his films, but Rocky character is very special for me
A bit about me: I was born on Decembers, 3, 1984 Now I finish an university on speciality Jurisprudence.
Basic fascinations: sport, cinema, music, electronics
Favourite kinds of sport: boxing, athletics, football, basketball, large tennis
I like different music, but my favourite bands is: Queen, "Scorpions", Carlos Santana
Favourite movies are very much and to transfer them there is not sense
I wish you to spend time on my site pleasantly
Thank you
My site was opened on February, 6, 2002 ICQ # 110926611
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