2006:Boxing Writers Association of America Awards (Rocky series)
2005:"World Stunt Awards 2005" ("Best star of action")
2004:Golden Raspberry For the Worst Male Secondary Role (Spy Kids 3: Game Over)
2004:Golden Camera (Best International Actor
2002:Action Star of the Millennium
2000:Laureus Sport Award
2000:Golden Raspberry for The Worst Century Actor
1997:Lifetime Achievement Award
1997:Golden Apple - Man of The Year
1997:Best Actor (Copland)
1995:Razzie Award for Worst Screen Couple (The Specialist)
1995:"Icon" ("Blockbusters MTV")
1992:Honorary Cesar (French equivalent of an Oscar)
1992:Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!)
1991:Special Award of The National Italian American Foundation
1989:Golden Raspberry For The Worst Actor of The Decade 1980-1990
1988:Golden Raspberry For The Worst Actor (Rambo III)
1986:Silver hummer POP Rocky magazine
1986:Silver BravoOtto
1986:People's Choice Award - The Favourite Actor
1986:Golden Apple for Man of The Year
1985:Golden Screen
1985:Golden Raspberry For the Worst Director (Rocky IV)
1985:Golden Raspberry For the Worst Actor (Rocky IV and Rambo II)
1985:Golden hummer POP Rocky magazine
1985:Golden BravoOtto
1984:The Star on The Hollywood Boulevard
1984:Special Award for Star of Stars
1984:Golden Raspberry for The Worst Actor (Rhinestone)
1983:Silver BravoOtto
1979:Special Award for Star of the Year
1976:David di Donatello Prize: Best Male Actor (Rocky)
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